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Cruise Moab 2002

Hells Revenge Trail

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Updated May 13, 2002

We tackled Hells Revenge on Friday during Cruise Moab 2002. I was looking forward to meeting and wheeling with several friends from the Land Cruiser Mailing List (LCML). Unfortunately, this didn't happen. Upon arriving at the meeting location I had a chance to slip out early with a small group of friends on an "outlaw" run. It was great wheeling but I missed the chance to meet several Internet friends face to face.

The Hells Revenge Trail is the classic Moab trail. Steep rock climbs, off camber slopes, ledges, and beautiful vistas. I really enjoyed this trail although it was not as difficult as I expected.

The highlight for me was the Hells Gate optional loop. This was FUN. The optional route takes you down a deep and steep rock gully into a sandy wash. This entrance takes you over a nice ledge to test your rocker protection. A good line down straddles the steep gully. Once down, a short drive reveals the Hells Gate hill climb.

The Hells Gate climb is long and steep. A couple of "bumps" and changes in side slopes make it very interesting toward the top of the hill. Just as going down the entrance, straddling the side slopes is critical or your body panels are at risk. It felt pretty easy sitting in the locked up FZJ80 although the spectators seemed to enjoy the 4-foot high wheelie I did with one of my front tires. Having three tires on the ground seemed fine from where I was sitting. It did look a little more interesting in the video I watched at camp that night.

Unfortunately, I missed seeing Tippy climb the grade. Peter raced off like a school boy to be first round the loop. I was too busy trying to catch up to see his run. We all had loads of fun here. I could have stayed here all day.

Another obstacle on the Hells Revenge trail is Tip Over Challenge. The name tells the story here. It's a fairly big off-camber climb that includes a few steps. Everyone that tried it made it, most with a seat sucking pucker at the top.

Enjoy the snapshots...