Fins N Things
CM2004 - Cliff Hanger

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Fins N Things

By Wednesday morning several of the NorCal wagons had arrived in Moab. I'm proud to be part of this awesome group and quickly jumped at the chance for a "pre-run" of Fins and Things.

Fins and Things isn't a particularly difficult trail but it has all the typical features one would expect: classic slickrock wheeling with steep heart stopping climbs and descents possible only because of the tremendous traction provided by the sandstone formations. The other feature that makes this a must do trail is the beautiful scenery and constant views of the snow capped La Salle mountains. Finally, the trail is very close to downtown Moab, making it a wonderful warm up to get your "slickrock legs".

Jason and I joined about a dozen other late model wagons, mostly 80 Series wagons with a couple Lexus (lexii ?) and Amando's awesome Swamper clad 100 Series. Several western states were represented and Canadian Sean Stapltin rounded out the group. Alvaro distributed some of the coveted NorCal Wagons T-Shirts and we were on our way.

Fins and things is fairly straight forward and parts guru "Cruiser Dan" from New Mexico led the group around the looping trail through the beautiful slickrock formations.

Jason and I were interested in testing his new Hanna Quality Sliders and Hanna's new prototype rear bumper. We quickly set out to smash the new armoring every chance we could. [smile]

The trail provided lots of opportunity to test departure angles as we slid down the steep slickrock faces. I smashed my trusty Kaymar bumper again and again while Jason could hardly get his new high clearance bumper to touch the rocks. I continued to spot him over the worst lines and eventually banged the bumper enough to know it was plenty stout. The new Hanna Quality sliders took some big hits too while securely protecting the vulnerable dual catalytic convertors on Jason's '93 FZJ80. And they looked damn fine doing it too!

There were plenty of opportunities for awesome pictures as the line of cruiser made their way around the course. Many of the drivers had never wheeled the Moab slickrock and the expressions on their faces showed just how much fun this type of wheeling can be.

Toward the end of the trail we encountered "Kenny's Climb" a famous, albeit optional, part of the trail. Seeing the black tire tracks on the near vertical rock face can be very intimidating, but everyone chose to make the climb instead of taking the easy way around. The climb is complicated by a deep drop just that ensures both front and rear bumpers will be scraping rock just as you start up the steep pitch. Everyone make it up without problems and there were lots of photos taken.

Shortly after Kenny's Climb we encountered a group of ATVs coming around a narrow part of the trail in the opposite direction. They waited and watched as our impressive line of "mall wagons" made short work of a difficult and technical piece of trail. It was obvious they had not seen such a fine collection of Araco steel doing its thing on the rocks.

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