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Garcia Ridge Pre-Run

October 9, 2004

Garcia Ridge Pre-Run

With the Toyota Land Cruiser Surf N Turf only a month away, the SLO locals thought a "pre-run" of the Garcia Ridge trail was in order. This is one of the trails available to the Surf N Turf crowd when we make our trek from the beach to the Pozo Saloon on Sunday.

We didn't have a big group today and that was fine by us. Jason was itching to get his built FJ45 on the trail. He brought his friend Rob along for the ride. It was Rob's first time "wheeling", it's fair to say he was impressed with the performance of our trucks.

Sethzilla and his friend John came out in Seth's unique Chevy 4x4. We still haven't found the nerve to tell Seth we're suppose to be a Land Cruiser club. But by now, we're all happy to have him around and the fact is we'd be lost without him.

Katherine and I rounded out the group in our trusty wagon "Knuckles". The idea was to make a quick trip out to the Garcia Ridge and see what it looked like before the big Surf N Turf weekend. We also wanted to visit the Pozo Saloon and remind them about our plan to fill the place with Cruiserheads for Surf n Turf's finale on Sunday afternoon.

The trail was in great shape. Although the trail was graded a year or two ago and many of our favorite rocks were ripped out, there are still a few "optional" places to test your rig. We had a good time taking the worse lines we could find on the steep and loose ridge top.

Most of the trail is pretty easy. This is a good thing because the views are fantastic and it's hard to keep your eyes on the road.

After we finished exploring the ridge trail we headed out to another area to meet up with Ken Hanna

Ken was out testing a desert race truck with some friends. It was amazing to see the truck perfom high speed runs through the deep whoops. Katherine and I even scored a ride around the track. What a rush!

We finished our day at the Pozo Saloon. It was absolutely beautiful on the back deck under the big sycamore trees. We enjoyed the good food, drinks and awesome weather.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. - Jim