The start of the Garcia Ridge Trail at Pozo Hi Mountain Rd.

Jason and Rob climbing the ridge trail.

The Garcia Ridge trail isn't too difficult, but you can find a hard line is you try.

Seth watches Jason on an optional part of the trail.  There are bypasses around all the difficult sections.

Jason demonstrates his two wheel driving technique.

Sethzilla, showing off his super human strength.

John keeps an eye on the ground as Sethzilla eases into the rocks.

The Chevy shows some flex through the rocks.

Big rocks are no problem for the big truck.

The bed and cab were totally flexed in opposite directions!

Sethzilla, president of the "Axles of Evil", has an awesome skull camo paint job on his truck.

Rob, Seth, Katherine, John and Jason hanging out at the top of the ridge.

The 360 degree view is beatiful from the top of the ridge.

We could see the beach and sand dunes.

Sethzilla's daily driver on the ridge top.

Jason's classic FJ45 looking over the Pozo valley.

The top of the ridge trail is pretty easy and the views are great.

Knuckles takes an optional line near the top of the ridge.

We did our best to find the tougher lines on this moderate trail.  There is a bypass around this section of the trail.

This 3-4 foot ledge and the loose dirt make this climb interesting.

Like they always say, it's steeper than it looks.

Tryng to keep it fun by staying to the right.

Getting the rear of the heavy wagon to climb can be tough but the Toybox makes it so easy.

No problem for "Knuckles"

After the Garcia Ridge trail, we met Ken Hanna  test driving a desert race truck.

The suspension on his truck is amazing!

Katherine and I jumped in to the three seater for a QUICK spin around the track.  Wow, what a thrill!

We ended our day at the Pozo Saloon.

A round of Pozo Martinis (beer and olives served in gallon jars) before chowing down on some great burgers and nachos.

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