Hey brah, da High Noon Poker Run was off da Richter!!!

A long line of Land Cruisers make their way down the beach toward the first checkpoint.

photo credit: Daryl Chymko

The poker run was a fun way for everyone to tour the "back dunes", the remote part of the 1,500 acre dunes complex.

FJ56 Japanese Land Cruiser firetruck!

photo credit: Daryl Chymko

We started from the Surf N Turf camp an headed down the beach along the surf line. The first stop was Jason Cohn's classic FJ56 Japanese firetruck. Jason had the red light flashing as the long line of cruisers drove down the beach only a few feet from the surf.

The next checkpoint featured an intimidating slide down a very steep slip face. Just about everyone had sand on their front bumper after that obstacle.

The line of cruisers continued through the back dunes stopping at each of the five checkpoints. It was quite a sight to see the long line of Land Cruisers snakeing up, down, over and around the wide open sand dunes. Everyone completed the course in about two hours. The jackpot, almost $400, was spilt between the High and Low hands upon completion of the run. Congratulations to the lucky winners, Monica and Mark.

Saturday morning we had a Poker run in the sand dunes. There most have been at least 50 cruisers lined up for this event. After getting our poker run cards stamped, we drove around up and down the dunes. My wife specially liked Competition Hill. Made it up on her second attempt. And then she did not want to give me back the steering wheel. Anyway, when we got back to camp we had completely forgotten about the poker run deal. About an hour later, Jim shows up and asks to see our cards. It turns out that Monica had the winning hand. Lucky girl!

 - Alvaro Rodríguez
   96 FZJ80 "La Cabra"

Taking the plunge off a steep slip face.

photo credit: Dave Beckett

We made every effort to find a route through the dunes that was suitable for stock rigs and inexperienced drivers. This was not suppose to be a "challenge" run. Nonetheless, several people needed a few tries to make it through the soft sand and up the steeper sand dunes. As expected the real secret to successfully driving the dunes was sufficiently aired down tires (10-15 psi). Alternatively, horsepower and a heavy right foot seemed to work good too.

Jim Brantley briefs the drivers before the poker run.

photo credit: Drexx Laggui

Poker Run Checkpoint in the back dunes.

photo credit: Drexx Laggui

The poker run was a blast! I was near the very front of the line and looking in the rearview mirror at a loooong line of various cruiser vintages, awesome sight.

 - Joe

Chris' late model FJ40.

photo credit: Dave Beckett

Poker Run line up.

photo credit: James Doh

Monica, one of the big winners !!!

photo credit: Alvaro Rodriguez

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