Sunday we bagged the beach and headed to the boondocks.

Yeah man, it was sick, lots of water crossings, tight bushes, nasty drops and an Oldsmobile Alero that was really gettin worked.

The Big Falls trails, aka Upper Lopez Canyon.

photo credit: Daryl Chymko

Agent Orange heads into the bush.

photo credit: Daryl Chymko

Charla's BJ42 "Agent Orange" gettin it!

photo credit: Dave Beckett

Silver 60 clawing up a muddy bank.

photo credit: Daryl Chymko

Sunday we put the "Turf" in "Surf N Turf". The group packed up and headed inland for some Central Coast style wheeling. Some folks left the beach early while others lingered in the dunes before heading East into the Coastal Mountains for the Big Falls/Hi Mountain/Garcia Ridge/Pozo trail runs. Overall it's about 30 miles from the beach to Pozo, about half is single lane dirt road. The plan was to get a little wheeling in along the way before gathering at the historical Pozo Saloon.

Miklos aka Mickey Rubicon and the trail proven Oldsmobile Alero

photo credit: Kemasa

Yeah, that Alero was a hoot!! I think the "Brass Balls" award should go to her, (along with the "dumbest blond award") because she would just roar through the stream crossings. "To hell with the engine, full speed ahead!!" The last one she had a bow wave that cleaned off her entire hood. It's amazing the thing still ran after what she did to it yesterday. The airbox was full of water, and she must have ingested about a gallon of water into the engine because the oil was complete milkshake. We had to disconnect the air intake in order to get the engine to run at all.

 - Dana

The Alero was actually running with all the water in the intake, although I am not sure how. It was not running very well. When we took off the hose to the air box a lot of water came out. In looking in, we had to take the other end of the hose off and dump out about .5l of water and mud, all of this got past the air filter.

She did have a sense of humor about it though, when Miklos drove the car across one stream and then a rock section on the other side, she said that she felt sorry for the owner of the car. I asked her if it was a rental car and she said no, I then asked if it was someone else's car and she said no, that it was her's.

It should be mentioned that Miklos really did a lot of work getting her out and is really the person responsible for managing to get the car out, especially being willing to crawl under the car and managing to find a place to hook the strap when everyone else said there was no place to hook it too and then pulling it up the hill. He also was very impressive when he did the stream crossing and the rock ledge on the other side. I should have taken more pictures, but I was so shocked at what I was seeing I could not believe it!!! If it was not for him and his willingness to do anything, I am not sure that the car would have gotten out.

- Kemasa

Dave Beckett climbing a steep muddy hill.

photo credit: Kemasa

Dave takes a STEEP drop between the trees.

photo credit: Dave Beckett

The Canadian Turbo diesel climbs.

photo credit: Kemasa

The large turnout this year prompted us to break into smaller groups before hitting the inland trails. A few folks, skipped these side trails and simply drove the scenic back country dirt road directly to Pozo. Either way, the scenery was awesome and provided an interesting contrast to the beach and barren sand dunes.

Miklos aka "Mickey Rubicon"

photo credit: Daryl Chymko

The Big Falls trail literally follows a creek through the lush canyon.

photo credit: Daryl Chymko

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